School for Esoteric Studies

The School of Esoteric Studies is a learning space for those who are ready to mine their way out of the familiar into the possible, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The purpose of the school is to liberate the mind towards independence of perception, thought and creation, and to restore inner authority of each individual over their own existence.

Using our body, mind and soul, breathing and dreaming with intention, we vibrate the changes we wish to become.

The school aspires towards simplicity, authenticity and the liberation of the Self from its narrow identity. Embracing a deep democracy of all that is and all that isn’t is a path of love and transformation. Gentleness and kindness towards the soul, dialogue and respect towards different aspects of our existence are key elements to Love.

As soil is Earth for the feet, Love is Earth for the heart, and it is the base for unfolding a new existence from within.

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